Concrete – Maintenance Process

Occasionally wash with hose or power washer. Keep foreign objects, such as grass or leaves, from lying in any one area for long. NEVER use ice melt or rock salt in the winter. Please use sand or kitty liter for traction. Any concrete that has been sealed will require a new coat of sealant every 2 – 3 years depending on use, weather or other factors which may cause wear and tear.

One Year Limited Concrete Warranty:

Except as limited by state law, customer’s sp;e amd exclusive remedy against B&B Builders, Inc. shall be limited to the rights and remedies extended by the manufacturer of the goods which is the subject matter of this agreement. B&B Builders, Inc. reserves the right to void any warranties due to negligence and/or misuse. Such negligence would include vehicles driven and/or parked on before the 7 – 10 day curing period and salt applied to the surface. Any crack appearing within the warranty time period moving vertically or horizontally 3/16″ or less is within industry standards. Anything above 3/16″ will be covered under this limited warranty for one year from the date of job completion. There is no warranty for damage due to corrosionĀ from climactic weather conditions,. Any warranty work agreed upon by both parties is subject to a 6 month completion date after addendum.