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B&B Builders Inc.

B&B Builders, Inc. is a residential leader in the concrete industry for Wichita and the surrounding communities, specializing in landscaping, decks, masonry, driveways & decorative concrete. B&B Builders, Inc. is a service oriented company and our customers always come first. We offer what the customer wants, a superior product/service at a reasonable rate with no hassles!

Financing and Referrals

Financing Available, call 316-945-3232 for more details...
Do you want to make $75.00 for referring us? If you already are a client and your referral leads to a completed sale, then we will award you $75.00. Call 316-945-3232 for more details...


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Concrete Maintenance Program

BnB Builders


Plan A$75
– Remove all furniture, plants, etc.
– Power wash – Remove stains
– Scrub clean and put everything back as was

Plan B$375
– Same as Plan A + minor crack & surface repair
– Seal 1 coat of Decorative Acrylic Sealer
– Serious crack repair over 1/4″ wide, add $10/ft

Plan C$650
– A two year maintenance agreement
– Complete wash & scrub & 1 coat sealer with crack & surface repair (as needed)
– Restain/color as needed

Concrete Maintenance

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