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B&B Builders, Inc. is a residential leader in the concrete industry for Wichita and the surrounding communities, specializing in landscaping, decks, masonry, driveways & decorative concrete. B&B Builders, Inc. is a service oriented company and our customers always come first. We offer what the customer wants, a superior product/service at a reasonable rate with no hassles!

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Commercial Concrete

Commercial concrete is a general term that focuses on specific enhancements of your commercial location or locations. These developments can improve anything from your business, company or facility to warehouses, restaurants or retail stores and malls. Though commercial concrete is just one type compared to industrial, residential and others, we know that all jobs are just as important as the next. Our commercial concrete services are above the rest because we take the necessary precautions and details to ensure a properly installed concrete way and provide aesthetic pleasing layouts. We know not every job is the same as the next, which is why it’s important to us to treat your small residential concrete job to a major commercial concrete job and vice versa.

We treat commercial concrete jobs like residential jobs, taking necessary precautions & details.

Commercial Concrete Medical Driveway Entrance

Our concrete services rely on our staff to be accountable and diligent in every way. When hired for a commercial concrete job, or any concrete job for that matter, we make sure that we deliver and transform your ideas onto concrete layouts. Our knowledgeable staff works with you every step of the way so that you know you are receiving the best services possible. Our customers have needs and wants and we strive ourselves to meet every demand and request until the job is done exactly how you wanted your commercial concrete.

Everywhere we go, we see commercial concrete. Whether you’re walking the path between or around buildings, to the interior parts of the building. Because commercial locations need to be durable, stable and look good, commercial concrete allows for businesses and companies to have dependent structures and details to last them for years to come. We know that your company or business aims to bring in customers and keep them satisfied. We aim to build our customer’s location or facility to perfect expectations so that you have the place you want for your own customers. In order to give your commercial location exactly what it needs, we mix a heavy-duty concrete that creates a lasting, durable, and strong concrete that withstands anything that comes its way.

When thinking about commercial concrete, it’s important to know what you’re getting in to. From commercial footings and walls to materials, draintiles, flooring, polish, uses and more. Because we care about our customers, we go over everything from top to bottom, from mixing to pouring.

Commercial concrete for a country club basketball / tennis court combo

Commercial Concrete Features

Commercial Footings

Commercial footings are among many great capabilities of commercial concrete. The footing, or the foundation’s foundation, lies at the base of all buildings, facilities, homes and so on. The great part about footings, is that they don’t have to be excessive in order to work effectively. It all depends on the soil we build on. It’s important to know and research soil to know just how to handle the structure of commercial footings so that there are no problems later.

We take extra precaution when dealing with soft soil for footings. We have our research done and consult specialists when needed for tougher jobs. We will never build on soil we think will cause you problems later. We want to build you a safe and secure foundation and that starts with the commercial footings.

Commercial Walls

Just as it sounds, commercial walls are the walls built up around your business or location. Because we strive for perfection, we offer multiple types of commercial walls and options to perfect the kind of structure you need. Our commercial walls include, but not limited to reinforced walls, tilt-up walls, tall walls, non-traditional material walls and more.

To explain, we’ll start with reinforced walls. Reinforced walls are poured direct with concrete and other materials such as fibers or fillers. This allows for maximum stability in walls and structure for your facility. By filling walls directly in place with the commercial concrete, it sets and becomes stronger.

Commercial concrete for a country club miniature golf course

Tilt-up walls, which are increasing in popularity, are reinforced walls that are poured direct but go into a certain panel that are “tilt-up.” These kinds of walls are cost-efficient and minimize time in building. Because the concrete is poured and then dried, we can build quickly by bringing up the walls to put into place and do so with multiple walls. Tilt-walls are also great because though they are quick and cost-efficient, they don’t compensate for less quality. These walls still form strong and sturdy walls for your place.

Tall walls, which are sometimes difficult to construct and perfect, are among our great capabilities. Because tall walls are more give, we take all the proper precautions and measures to ensure a strong and sturdy wall. Because certain requirements and measurements must be taken, our team is equipped with the best tools and resources needed. Our knowledgeable staff will cover all the grounds before building and then double and triple-check every point in constructing to build you the walls that will meet your standards.

Commercial concrete for a neighborhood basketball / roller hockey / tennis court combo

In additional to these commercial walls, we also offer non-traditional walls made up of materials like wood, aluminum or printed/designed walls. We know that your business, restaurant, call center, etc., is important to you and you may want something that shows consumers just how unique you are. Our construction of walls using other materials is the perfect option for you. We can give you an urban-contemporary look and feel with aluminum walls. This provides strength to your location but also gives it a unique look that makes your place memorable. Or go with our wooden walls to give your location a comfortable yet sharp design. Give your location its own personality with these non-traditional wall materials while not having to compromise on durability.

Commercial Flooring

Appearance is key in getting consumers and customers in the door. Many people want to go to a business with class and prominence. While your structure in your commercial walls and footing is important, concrete floors also add beautiful design and structure to your company.

The more people come in and out the door, the more wear and tear goes on your commercial flooring. It’s important to choose flooring that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also effective over the years. With our commercial flooring, we have great insight on what would best suit you.

Floors can involve multiple elements. Because we have years of experience, we can get down to the nitty gritty and find exactly what kind of commercial flooring works best for you and your company. Because the foot traffic on floor gives the most wear and tear, we recommend commercial flooring with stains, finishes and made of only the finest mixtures of cement. With our commercial flooring, we make sure to provide you with easy-to-clean surfaces as well as a great, classy look for your location. But keep in mind, floors must also be safe. Because the flooring receives the most traction, it also is susceptible to people slipping. Our mixture of concrete floors keeps people safe and won’t cause people to slip and slide.

We know great companies have multiple customers, which means more and more travel across your floors. Of course that’s exactly what you want, so we provide you with safe, durable yet beautiful floors. With less damage and high-resistance to damage, our commercial flooring is perfect for any restaurant, company, facility and more.

Decorative Concrete around a resort pool

Commercial Concrete Enhancements

Commercial Concrete Uses

Parking Lots

Commercial locations are expected to have customers, employees and many other resources come and go. Because of this, it’s important to invest in parking. Commercial parking lots invite people to come by making it convenient and easy to get to.

Exterior/Outside Uses

Our commercial concrete includes but are not limited to a wide range of uses such as sidealks, porches, rampways, stairs, driveways, and more. Because of our diverse knowledge of concrete and resources, our staff can provide the best services to best fill your needs for any use!

Custom Restaurant Decorated Concrete Outdoor Floor

Luxury Uses

We know not every commercial location is the same, so we offer a wide range of options to give your location. Our luxury uses and resources can give your place the best enhancements. Contact us to find out more about special luxurious accommodations to put in place for your commercial location!

Our commercial concrete is not just a slab of mixed materials. With your staff and team, we offer the best services in commercial concrete out there. We can help you with every aspect of concrete, making us your one-stop-shop. We know our ins and outs of concrete from flooring, walls, and tiles to sidewalks, parking lots and more. With our knowledge and extreme capabilities, you know you’re getting the very best and at our great price.

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