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Decorated Concrete

Concrete may not sound exciting, but just you wait. Our decorative concrete takes on an entirely new meaning on what it means to use concrete. The concrete designs we create, embellish and use can enhance anything you desire. Think about a an elegant yet trendy concrete design for your entryway, countertop, decks and more. We can turn your dream home or commercial location into a beautiful and unique site.

Decorated Concrete

We can take on any project of any kind. Whether you’re looking to expand your pool deck into a lavish and modern look or expanding your driveway, we do it all. No project is the same and we want to make you feel unique every time. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure that your new concrete designs turn out exactly as you imagined.

Concrete has evolved and transformed into a resource for many designers. With different hues of colors available as well as textures and capabilities, your concrete floors will be durable yet beautiful. We don’t want you to sacrifice looks for strength. Which is why concrete designs give you longer and better use while still looking just as good as any other resource.

As people see the multiple benefits of using concrete, more and more people get curious as to what concrete can do. We’ve broken it down for you to illustrate exactly what decorative concrete can do for you as well as what we can do to exceed your expectations on all concrete designs.

Small dog standing on some decorated concrete steps

Decorative Concrete

First and foremost, let’s go over what decorative concrete can be. Concrete can be very versatile and can be used most anywhere. In terms of design, we can mix and create a variety of colors. There’s an accent of a hue or tone that we can produce to best compliment your home or location. There’s an entire world of decorative concrete and we want you to know what all goes into it, so we can help you make the decision for you!

From custom engraved concrete to stamped concrete, have it all. We’ll cover the following decorative concrete and then wait for your call to turn this into a reality.

  • Dye
  • Engraved
  • Polished
  • Polymer
  • Stamped

Dyed Decorative Concrete

As we mentioned earlier, concrete can com in a multitude of colors. We normally think about concrete as gray, right? But that’s not at all what it’s limited to. Because concrete is so sturdy, it makes for a great material for your outdoor patio or pool area or even your countertop. Though many people think they’re limited to the simple hues of gray. Wrong. Concrete is mixed with components turn the cement into a beautiful color.

Deck stairway leading to a brick inlay and decorated patio

So you may or may not have heard about colored concrete, but the next question soon follows with, but how long does the color last? With just about every home appliance or enhancement, we see fading due to use, wear and tear, sun, other outdoor exposure and more. However, because concrete is so sturdy and strong, the dye we use to create the ideal color, will not fade over time. We use strong enhancing components to stir in and give the concrete the spark it needs.

Engraved Decorative Concrete

You have the color you want, but can you have the look you want? Of course. We offer special engraving for concrete to meet your needs. With our patterns, designs, utensils and more, we can find that Pinterest-look you’ve been wanting and bring it to life.

We don’t want anything to need to be sacrificed in concrete so we train and teach our professional staff how to custom engrave all concrete and cement. Our staff knows exactly how to shape, mold and design concrete to give it its best look.

Polished Decorative Concrete

Most people haven’t heard about polished concrete. And why would you? It even sounds confusing thinking about how you could polish a slab of concrete. However, we can polish our concrete and turn it into something beautiful. With our tools and machines, we can make your patio area looking like a sidewalk on a street, to a polished, smooth, shiny perfect floor. We use the best technology to smooth out your countertops or floors and the decorative concrete results are amazing.

We love our polished concrete because it allows us to show you how much we truly care about your hopes in dreams in your home or company. We put in the extra time and effort to turn the concrete into flawless, sparkly tiles that will have everyone asking where you got it done.

Polymer Decorative Concrete

Polymer is a substance that best results in synthetic organic materials because of its large number of bonded units. We’re not biology-based but just leave your polymer concrete to us. We take a look into all kinds of concrete from types of materials and mix-ins used, to uses and capabilities. Because we have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of concrete, we can look to polymer concrete to create look. The polymer resin mixes into the concrete to make it more durable. Not only does it add a benefit of strength and wear and tear, it’s cost-efficient too.

The polymer makes for a cheaper alternative to other mix in substances. Though other substances have the same purpose, polymer stirred into concrete still gives it its color, durability and texture.

Decorated concrete patio area

Stamped Decorative Concrete

Because there are so many ways to develop and apply concrete, some methods work better than others. Decorative concrete can be a tough job, even if done right. All the factors that play into designing and decorative concrete can make or break the project. Our team knows exactly how to work the concrete and our staff prides themselves on our stamped method. Our stamp method turned a regular piece of concrete into anything you want it to be. We can mock any other kind of material, yet still know it’s strength and ability to withstand even the toughest conditions won’t be penalized. If you have a deck area but want it to go with the look of your brick home, then say no more. We can turn a pour of concrete to look exactly like brick. Fortunately, the cement will hold better than slabs of bricks and therefore, saving you time and money from repairs.

Often times materials or enhancements get pricey. Homes today are moving toward a modern trend and so stone and cobblestone have become more and more seen throughout perfectly decorated homes and magazine pictures. Although, those can often get pricey and the time it takes to incorporate stone into something takes quite some time, which in turn, costs more money. Concrete can turn into a stone copycat, but no one notices and its stronger and it’s more cost-efficient!

Because concrete can easily be shaped and molded, we use specific tools to turn our concrete into your desired look, with very little time needed. Because our team is skilled and trained, we use different methods within stamped concrete to better suit your needs even more. We use rubber stamps, molds, traces and more to give the precision the project needs.

We have had so much experience within decorative concrete, that we can prove it with pictures! We want you to feel confident in our ability yet we want to prove to you what we’re made of. Give us a call for more examples and explanations so we can assure you the best possible service to give you the best possible concrete designs.

Decorative Concrete Uses

Perhaps you’re happy with the way your table looks or how your backyard grill sits up on the grassy hill. We want our customers to be happy first. But we also want to enhance their happiness and give them what they dream of, at an affordable price.

We have developed our decorative concrete uses so we can cater to more and more people. We knows kitchens, front walkways, back patios, pools, sidewalks and many others, make up your home or location. We look into everything concrete could enhance, and find a way to make it better.

Life can get pretty busy, so why do we try to do the bare minimum, only to have to redo it again later because of improper execution. We use our methods and substances to mix, stir and mold concrete to be able to placed anywhere.

Decorated concrete patio table area

The decorative concrete uses can stretch far and wide. Our flooring capabilities come second to none. We can turn your floors into comfort and style but also requires little to no maintenance and will outlast other materials used for your floor.

Your outside patio, pool, or deck is going to be through a lot: grill outs, weather, sun, debris, parties, animals, daily use and more. Let us show you the perks of using concrete and give you the opportunity to expand your horizons and bring your backyard to life.

Our staff is trained, developed and specialized in decorating and designing concrete. From floors to tables and your front yard to the back, we have you covered. Call us now to talk about your endless possibilities and how we can turn those dreams into a reality.

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