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B&B Builders Inc.

B&B Builders, Inc. is a residential leader in the concrete industry for Wichita and the surrounding communities, specializing in landscaping, decks, masonry, driveways & decorative concrete. B&B Builders, Inc. is a service oriented company and our customers always come first. We offer what the customer wants, a superior product/service at a reasonable rate with no hassles!

Financing and Referrals

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Standard Concrete Costs

Typically concrete is priced by the square foot. Variables include the size of the project, removal of existing improvements such as concrete or a deck, trees or other vegetation, and even excessive dirt. Keeping this in mind you can figure on $4 – $8 per square foot (minimum job $1500.00). We suggest that you schedule your free estimate on our calendar for your specific design proposal.

Decorative Concrete Costs

Consider all of the variables listed in Standard Concrete Costs as well as color, stain, stamp and design of the project. For these delicate and intricate projects you can figure on $8 – $15 per square foot.

Stone & Brick

Cost of outdoor living spaces vary depending on materials and size of project. Go to our calendar to schedule a free estimate for accurate prices.

Wood & Composite

Cost of decks vary depending on material for deck and type of railing and size of project. Go to our calendar to schedule a free estimate for accurate prices.