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Decks are always a great addition to your home. They enhance your life in many ways: relaxation, parties, style, financially, and many more... Read More...


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Top 4 Things to Consider When Building a Deck

Decks are always a great addition to your home. They enhance your life in many ways: relaxation, parties, style, financially, and many more. A deck can last for many, many years to continue to add value to your life, but the job must be done right. Though decks have many benefits, there is a lot of work to be done when deciding when and where to build a deck.


At B&B Builders, we want you to see the value a deck can add but also, we want to make the entire process easy. Decks are a lot of work. You need to think about what you are wanting to use your deck for, what materials work best for your home (budget, climate, architecture), the costs of decks, and if you want special features to allow your deck to thrive even more. Our team at B&B Builders will walk you through the top four things to when deciding on when building a new deck.

1. What Material are You Using

In order to plan and design for a new deck, you first need to decide what you want the deck for. As we mentioned, decks can be used for a vast number of things. Decks are not limited to one use, but some decks suit your style than others. Do you want a deck that allow for cooking, parties, and that kind of fun? Are you wanting a deck for privacy to enjoy the outdoors? Do you want a deck to be more of an extra room? As you can see, decks can be anything you want them to be, but you have to know what use you’re wanting the most out of it in order to know where to start.


Decks can be indoor or outdoor. Decks can also have screened porches, include a hot tub, have multiple levels and so on. Although every use comes with its pros and cons and different budgeting marks, we can help you find the best fit for you! Our contractors have the years of experience and knowledge that will give you exactly what you want. They will listen to you from start to finish and offer advice and recommendations for what will work best for you and your uses.

If you want the greatest party space within your deck, we recommend great surface area to allow for chairs, tables and other living accessories. If your deck is going to be your quiet, relaxing getaway to take in nature, we recommend a great railing to add flower beds and plants and add to the scenery. If you want a cozy, little deck for luxury use, we recommend a more private deck with a fireplace and location to add a hot tub. Our team can work with you and your budget to find exactly what it is you want out of your deck. Then we will work hard to find out just how we can turn your deck dream into a reality.

2. What Material Is Best For Your Use

Choosing your dream deck is fun and excited but that comes with many different options that can be more difficult. After you choose what you want the deck for, you have to consider all the different materials to use for that deck. From screens, to wood, to roofs and more, we will take you through some options! Some of our favorite deck materials include composites, natural woods, or tropical woods.



The first, composites, consist of plastic lumber or material that reflects wood but feels more like plastic. Some of the pros include weather- and stain-resistance. Composite decks are fast growing and becoming widely popular. You also never have to worry about splinters and they’re low maintenance. Decks sometimes have a lot of work to put into even after the work is done building, in order to maintain the deck. With composites, you won’t have to worry about rotting wood. However, there are cons to composite decks too. For example, some composites decks require cleaning to avoid puddle mildew and mold. Some people also prefer the natural look and don’t want a fake wood in place of their deck. In the same family runs the vinyl decks. These last a long while and require little to no maintenance like the composite decks.
Click here to view the Timbertech Composite Decking styles and colors of composite decks.
Click here to view the AZEK Composite Decking styles and colors of composite decks.



Next we have natural woods. This material is widely popular and give you multiple options to choose from. With cedar wood, pressure-treated lumber, and redwood, natural wood creates a beautiful and elegant deck for your home. The rich color gives your home a beautiful enhancement. Rich, dark natural wood can contrast with greenery and nature in your backyard and creates a stunning view. Cedar and redwood both contain oils that resist rot and decay whereas sapwood is softer and will decay much faster if not maintained. Pressure-treated wood is economically safe and still durable. This wood must be maintained in order to avoid discoloration and deterioration. We recommend an oil based product that will penetrate the wood and give it the color and protection from UV (Ultra Violet) rays.

Some cons to natural woods include a greater risk of bug infestations. Because it is a natural wood, many bugs and insects find themselves a new home in your deck if you do not take the proper precautions to avoid bug growth.


Another material to consider is tropical wood. Tropical wood includes camaru, tigerwood, ipe, mahogany and more. These tropical woods are very sturdy, durable and weather-resistant. They also tend to ward off insects and bugs from burrowing. Tropical woods are difficult to cut and drill but can be turned into a deck. It will take more time, but the outcome is beautiful. A con of tropical wood is the cost. Most of the time, tropical woods are more expensive than others. They require a fair amount of up-keeping, but they are durable.

3. What is the Cost of Your Deck

Your idea of a deck is first and foremost, but it all comes down to your deck budget. When choosing a budget, you must consider your use and your materials. Along with the factors of railings, steps, levels, and other features. Though these name a few, there are multiple factors that influence the cost of your deck.


One big factor people often times forget, is a permit. Contractors will have to obtain a new permit to work on your lawn and go through all the steps to ensure your yard is safe to build a deck on. This is a necessity and must be added in your budget. Another thing to consider for your budget is your insurance.

Pressure-treated wood runs along the lowest on the scale of pricing for materials. Cedar and redwood follow, and composite-vinyl deck material ranks among the highest. Because composite is so sturdy and so secure, the price increases. The composite decks however require less work and money later after installation.

Along with paying for your selected material by square feet, you’ll also need to consider the amount of time the project may take. At B&B Builders, our contractors work with you to ensure a smooth process and will talk with you if and when more time is needed. We never cover up or try to hide extra time. We take pride in our ability to talk and communicate with customers if a project requires more time, though we work our hardest to get the project done right.


Your budget should include flower boxes and beds, chairs, benches, tables and anything else you want to occupy your new space with. Later on, we will cover extra features of decks that will require budgeting for. Just be prepared for all the “extras” that come with a new deck. It’s fun to shop for outdoor furniture and extra features for your deck and it can definitely be worth it. We just advise budgeting for it at the beginning. Our team works to get you’re the deck of your dreams, but at the end of the project, you’ll want to fill up your new addition.


4. What Features Do You Want in a Deck

Some of the best things about a new deck are the features and additions. Adding waterproof and stain sealant, can improve the longevity of your deck by years. These features are great to avoid molding and decaying. It can also keep bugs and insects away from burrowing through the wood. Overtime, a sealant will help the look of your deck by keeping it looking new and fresh, always.

Some visual features would be coverings or awnings, designed railings, screen doors, and fireplaces. Depending on your budget, awnings are usually the cheapest addition but make for a great look. Awnings are capable of coming in any color and design so you can put your own flare to your deck. Screened-in decks are usually the most expensive but look the best and enhance your deck the most.

Decks and Canopies

Whatever you choose for your use, materials, budget and features, B&B Builders have you covered. We use our experience and knowledge to give you exactly what you want, in the price range you want to stay in. Get ready to enhance your home and we will be ready for you call!

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