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The Three Keys to Masonry

Have you ever driven by a home and marveled at their masonry? Sometimes beautiful masonry gives homes and businesses the best look possible. When done right, masonry can enhance your home or location with a unique look that’s elegant and clean. At B&B Builders, we have maintained and developed our knowledge and experience within masonry. We have worked with all kinds of masonry. Our brick and mortar skills are far above the rest.

Here is an elegant stone masonry fireplace and inlaid flat screen TV on the back porch.

We can take a look turn your home into a beautiful work of art with the help of some brick, stone or other alternatives to masonry. Let’s take a look into the three key components of masonry and find what will best work for you.

1. What is Masonry?

Masonry is the building of a home, business, location etc., with brick and mortar. Masonry requires slabs of mortar followed by either stone, brick, marble, lime stones, concrete blocks and more. There are two types of masonry as far as uses: veneer and solid. Masonry can be performed on both residential and commercial locations.

Veneer Masonry includes anything for visual purposes. Whether you want to change the look of your home or turn your business into a cozy hot spot, veneer masonry is what you’re looking at.
Solid masonry involves building a freestanding formation to hold itself up. Whereas veneer is for looks, solid masonry is for strength, sturdiness and support.

When it comes to what you need done, we can work to visually enhance or develop a sturdier foundation for your home or your business.


Brick counter with an inlaid gas grill surrounded by a concrete counter top

B&B Builders masonry for residential homes and locations is a great way to enhance your home. Because there are so many materials to be used, you can design your home to have the look and feel you want. If you want your home to follow a more modern and contemporary look, we recommend stone or rock. This is becoming increasing popular and is a great new look. If you’re aiming for that “traditional” or southern type house, limestone is a great look.

Masonry can enhance more than just the look of the exterior of your home. We can alter or enhance your garage, your deck or patios, basement and more. We don’t like being limited in our work so why limit you in your hopes and dreams for a perfect home. We want you to find the best option for your home so we work hard to give you want you want.

With our B&B Builders team, we can turn your home into anything you want it to be. We take our time in laying brick and mortar. We have a knowledgeable team that will asses your home and give you options to turn it into the perfect “new” home for you.

Masonry - Check out this brick and concrete counter top


Our abilities don’t stop with homes. We also work closely with commercial locations. We know how important our business is to us and we know your business means the same to you. Masonry gives your business or company improvements on the exterior, enticing customers to come in. One of the first things customers and consumers notice about a business is how it’s maintained. If the outside looks rundown and could use some fixing up, it may be easy for a customer to pass on by. The outside of your business can be just as important as your products and services.

B&B Builders masonry experience can improve your business dramatically. We are capable of reconstructing, repairs, reinforcing walls and roofs, and more. We can clean up your location and give you and your business a new, fresh look.

One of the great features of masonry is its ability to clean up everything. All businesses have trash and things to dispose of. Our services in masonry includes building a clean and enclosed garbage area, fixing and improving elevators and retaining walls. Whatever it is that your business needs, we can fix and improve it.

2. What Materials Should I Use?

Depending on your look and style, there are multiple materials to use for masonry. Some of our favorites include brick and stone. Though these two are very different and each can vary in color, these two masonry materials work great with all residential and commercial locations.

Brick mason house


Bricks can be a vibrant red or mixed variation of browns and reds. Because of its origins from fired clay, there are hundreds of color variations. If you’re more into colors than design, go for bricks. Bricks can be a great way to express your style exactly how you want it to.

Not only can bricks come in just about any tone and shade, bricks are durable and secure. Brick can last over a decade and remain standing strong. Essentially, brick builds don’t require much upkeeping or maintenance. With brick, you only need to assess it once every 2-30 years. Because brick doesn’t burn or become a home for bugs and termites, it’s a great material to use for your home. Bricks It’s also accessible anywhere you are. No matter your location, there is always bricks available close by.

Brick masonry may seem expensive at first, but due to the low maintenance and little up-keeping, you will be spending less over time.

Commercial Concrete Medical Driveway Entrance


Among the most “trendy” right now, is stone. Though it’s a bit pricier, stone can be beautiful on a house or business. Some masonry dates back to as far back as you can think, yet it’s a durable and dependable source. You can see the beautiful works of stone throughout time and throughout the world. It’s been around for ages, and making a comeback for it’s unique look.

The tricky thing to stone is getting the right stones. Stone is more popular in warmer states because colder climate can cause damage and cracking. Be careful which kind of stone you choose because other last longer than others. Stone is beautiful and can make your home or business, but it can also require a lot of maintenance. Rain and water of any kind can damage the exterior which will require repairs and more money.


Typically, commercial buildings and locations use concrete masonry. It’s not as versatile when it comes to residential use, but for commercial use, it’s a great resource. Concrete is durable and stands tall for quite some time, around 50-100 years. Concrete does require some maintenance to keep from water damage. Fortunately, concrete can be sprayed with sealant to block any water damage.

3. How Do I Maintain Masonry?

The masonry on your business building of home location will be everything you want it to be. B&B Builders make sure we get you the exterior to be perfect. However, once our work is done, you’ll need to know how to maintain the masonry.

When it comes to up-keeping the masonry, brick and stone both require different maintenance. Stone will require more care, as we mentioned earlier. Same goes for concrete. For stone and concrete, water will do the most harm. It can stain the color, erode the rock, and cause cracking. Your best way to maintain the masonry is to always check it after a heavy rain or any inclement weather. What B&B Builders can do for you to get the most of your masonry, is re-pointing. Re-pointing is when we would go in to replace or patch any areas with new brick and mortar. We have experience in re-pointing and we know just what it takes to replace the old. If not done right with the same strength of mortar, you could potentially run into far greater issues. That’s why we can work with you to make sure we are using exactly what it needs in order to become secure.

When it comes to cleaning, it can get tricky. Because water can damage stone and concrete, water shouldn’t be used aimlessly. It will require low-pressure water and some detergent in order to keep the masonry clean and void of stains.

B&B Builders will work with you from start to finish and long after the initial project is done. We take the time in the first go-around to give you the masonry work you want. Then, we will be ready for if and when you need additional services in water damage or maintenance. Working with us will ensure many years of excellent use. We use approved equipment and all our contractors are certified and knowledgeable. Give us a call today to see what masonry job we can do for you!

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