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B&B Builders, Inc. is a residential leader in the concrete industry for Wichita and the surrounding communities, specializing in landscaping, decks, masonry, driveways & decorative concrete. B&B Builders, Inc. is a service oriented company and our customers always come first. We offer what the customer wants, a superior product/service at a reasonable rate with no hassles!

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Wood & Composite – Installation Process

Decks, Pergolas, Roofs & Gazebos Installation:

The Wood options are:Cedar, Redwood, Teak, and Tiger Wood

The Composite options: Many brands, colors and styles are available we use mostly trex, timber tech, and azek.

Wood vs Composite Considerations (click here)

There are pros and cons for both woods and composite materials although as time goes we are finding out that in our region composites have a very hard time in our extreme temperature changes. Most people use composite for one reason. Maintenance, this is the area of concern with composites. They still need washed and cleaned the lower end composites molds and mildews easily especially on the north sides of homes and the higher end of composite has difficulty in our heat and tends to expand and buckle breaking fasteners and is very hot to walk on during our hot season. We have seen fading of the material and a 5 year old composite deck looks five years old even after cleaning. With wood it also needs washed and sealed every 2-3 years but will look brand new every time and the cost difference you could maintain your wood deck for 15-20 years for less cost than a composite deck will cost initially. The price varies from least expensive to most in the order they are in now.

This all said the first step is to have us out to your home, assist in designing and help with choosing the correct material for your needs. Once we have narrowed it down we can order material and begin to dig piers. Wood post especially cedar (because its soft wood) tend to rot and become unsafe over time when they are sunk into the ground. With today’s new codes we dig piers (30” deep x8” round filled with concrete) first and the post set on top of the piers eliminating post replacement in the future. We will allow the piers to sit for a few days to cure and then begin construction. Depending on the size and the weather most projects take 1- 2 weeks to complete. If a pergola, gazebo or a roof structure tied into your existing home over the deck is of interest we would help with the design and construction of this as well. Everything we do is custom to fit the client’s needs and wants so if you see pictures or other projects get a picture and show it to your rep to help with designing ideas.